Chris and Kay Smoes, with their two children, Ethan (2005) and Clarisa (2007), have been working in Cameroon since 2003. They are currently part of a team with two other Wycliffe couples focusing on the needs of the Misaje Cluster, a group of seven related languages found in the Northwest Province around the town of Misaje. Chris' position is that of Translator, and Kay's is that of Literacy Worker. After an initial period of two years of language and culture learning among speakers of the Kemezung language in the village of Dumbo, Chris and Kay, with the two other Wycliffe couples, will be working on orthography (alphabet) development, linguistic analysis, development of a literacy program, and, in close cooperation with the local church, a translation program whose primary focus will be translating portions of the Bible into the languages of the Misaje Cluster. 

For further information on the work of SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics, one of the partner organizations of Wycliffe Bible Translators Cameroon, you can look on the web at . Or, to contact Chris and Kay directly, email them at