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At least 42 million people are presently infected by HIV/AIDS.  Of those, 34 million are in Africa and 5.5 million in India.  Many tens of millions have already died.  As a result, almost 15 million children are now AIDS orphans!   The "He Intends Victory" ministry has provided ministry opportunities to touch the lives of the survivors.

In January 2006 and again in 2007, a group of women from COS took Christ's call seriously.  With the support of their congregation, these ladies raised funds and devoted a piece of their lives to help erase some of the hopelessness of the  souls in Africa who have been devastated by the ongoing plague of HIV.  
The only cure for hopelessness is Jesus Christ.  These ladies and He Intends Victory have committed themselves to delivery of this cure, in word and in deed.  The pictures and text below provide a few of the details about the most recent mission.  

   Please Click the Pictures to receive more information about those who ministered. 

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