From time to time emergency or adverse situations will impact the normal operation of the facilities and activities scheduled by Church Of The Saviour relative to ministry at the Rohrersville Chapel facility.

Emergencies may be national, regional (MD,PA,VA,WV), county-wide (Frederick Co., Washington Co. etc.), situations limited to the Village of Rohrersville, situations affecting congregational activities outside of Rohrersville, or situations affecting the Rohrersville Chapel buildings, grounds, and access thereto.

When, in the opinion of the church leadership, an emergency or adverse situation warrants constructive notice to the congregation, the the leadership will issue a Notice of Cancellation, Postponement, or General Advice.  The following two methods will be concurrently employed to publish such information:

     1.  An e-mail notification will be sent as soon as possible to all members and attendees whose current e-mail address is on file with the church; and

     2.   A notice will appear on this website no later than 8:30 AM on the morning of the cancelled/postponed event.  The notice will appear in this window when the COS Homepage is accessed.

  A typical weather related notice would appear as follows:

Worship services for Sunday, January 3rd, 2010 have been canceled due to adverse weather conditions.

Note: The information in this document is provided as a general benefit for the congregation of the Church of Saviour and its invitees.   Nothing in this document shall serve to subject the leadership and/or congregation of Church Of The Saviour to any legally binding responsibility, or confer special rights of any kind on anyone.